Depression Awareness Week

This week is Depression Awareness Week, and the great people at The Blurt Foundation are running a #whatyoudontsee campaign on social media – The idea is for people to list the hidden effects of depression, and their experiences of living with depression, in order to help people who aren’t affected by it understand what it’s like to live with it. Here’s a few that I’ve come up with:

  • Constant feeling of inadequacy 
  • The voice in your head telling you that you’re worthless
  • Your life is a constant existential crisis 
  • The pain, anger, and disappointment when you are unable to enjoy something you love, because you are unable to feel emotions
  • The guilt when doing something destructive (e.g. binge eating, excessive spending, drinking, substance abuse) for instant gratification, to bring some sort of joy into your life
  • Guilt about anything that gives you pleasure
  • Always feeling selfish, like a burden to your friends and family
  • The ability to focus on tiny negative details in life, and analyse them to the nth degree
  • Loneliness that manifests itself almost as physical pain 
  • The sheer amount of energy and effort that it can take to walk out of the door, or even get out of bed
  • The amount of effort it takes to get by in social situations, keeping up the facade of being “ok”, because not being ok isn’t allowed
  • The amount of effort it takes to simply exist

Feel free to comment any of your own below, or post them on social media using the hashtag #WhatYouDontSee. It’s so important to talk about mental illness, not only to break down the stigma, but also to let those who don’t feel they can talk about it know that they’re not alone. 


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